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Life Coach - Kimber Innecken

“The best thing you can do for everyone in your life is take care of you.”

My Philosophy

When I see the word “fish”, I see f.ish. (F.eeling is H.ealing).
Feeling and Healing are two of the ever-present themes within my Life Coaching practice.  The only way to truly heal is to feel, accept and even embrace your feelings. As your Life Coach, I walk beside you as you move through experiencing those feelings, supporting you as you discover what they are trying to tell you. Together we uncover – What now? What’s next? I’m there with you, by your side, encouraging you as you as you level up and live your best life.

There is a time and place to push hard in life and diligently swim upstream with drive and purpose. However, there is also a time to turn around, recover, and float downstream to reflect and appreciate how far you’ve come. As your Life Coach, it is my mission to support you as you move beyond the barrier of glass you’ve placed between you and the horizon. Make the call to begin new stories to rely on and build upon. Drop your resistance to sailing the uncharted seas of your potential. The time is now to wake up and move forward. Let’s begin your new adventure.

Life can be challenging. Sometimes even the simplest of daily task can feel overwhelming. The struggle is real, and you are not alone: I am here to support you.
Do this with me, please…
For just a moment, imagine what it might feel like to pause and stop the struggle of swimming upstream.
Inhale deeply through your nose and allow your lungs to fill with air. Briefly pause, then exhale from your mouth like you are blowing out a candle. Repeat 2 more times and as you exhale, let go. Let go of tension, let go of limiting thoughts, let go of whatever you are holding on to that is weighing you down and no longer serving you.
Now smile and let your heart fill with gratitude for all that is good in your life. The good things, the little things, the big things, all of it. Allow that feeling of gratitude to serve as your floatation device that will help to sustain you.
Finally, in this moment, rest assured in a deep and faithful state of knowing that you are safe and surrounded by love. Repeat that mantra three times in your mind or aloud:
“I am safe and surrounded by love”.

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Finding the right coach is as important as the journey itself.
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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Life Coaching is an empowerment modality that focuses on today. It is the help in the middle of where you are and where you want to be. Coaching is an interactive experience where we discover your goals and your passions and utilize them to inspire you to make adjustments toward loving the life you live and living the life you want. A Life Coach regularly meets with a client to develop, review, and refresh fundamental life skills. It’s also an opportunity to create or reestablish your commitment to a plan. Developing your resiliency while strategizing attainable daily practices will occur through consistent discussions and encouragement.

Your thoughts, feelings and actions are creating the experience of your life. Having a Life Coach improves confidence, increases life satisfaction and happiness levels. Consistent Life Coaching lowers stress levels and helps you have a more peaceful mind, while bringing more hope to your current life and anticipation future endeavors. Life Coaching is a beautiful alternative to or complement to cognitive behavioral therapy.

Schedule a free introductory consultation so we can discuss how you would benefit from having a Life Coach. I will answer any questions you have and then you may take the time you need to decide whether I am the right Life Coach for you.

Yes, it is 100% confidential! Establishing and building trust between Coach and Client is paramount to creating and maintaining a successful coaching relationship.

The amount of time that it will take depends on you, the complexity of your goals and the level of your commitment. An initial three-month package is recommended to allow you to work through any resistance and to prove to yourself that you are not only interested but committed to transformation. Please ask to discuss this in more detail during our introductory session and we will revisit the topic as our sessions progress.

“You don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness – it’s right in front of you if you’re paying attention and practicing gratitude.”

– Brené Brown

Certified Life Coach
Certified Life Coach